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The Coffee Shop Marketer’s Blog


My name’s Andy Lunt and I’m The Coffee Shop Marketer.

I live in the UK on the beautiful North Wales coast in the lovely Victorian town of Llandudno.

I’ve been involved in internet marketing for several years but only really seriously for the last twelve months or so. So I guess I’m a relative newbie to all this compared to some.

One thing I’ve learned about internet marketing over the last year is, despite what you are told, is that it’s not easy. In fact I’d go as far to say it’s positively hard to succeed at online marketing, especially if you have no technical knowledge or marketing experience.

BUT….don’t despair. I know the feeling only too well. With the right guidance and hard work it is possible to make money, good money.

Watch this short video and I’ll give you a bit more info about who I am and what I’m about in the internet marketing world.


So enough about me. Just to let you know that if you are frustrated by the whole process of making money online then I know how you feel. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt etc etc.

If you want some help from someone who knows how hard it can all seem, especially at first, then join me for the ride.

I’ll pass on some of the tips I’ve learnt along the way but more importantly I feel….since I’m still a bit of a newbie myself…… I’ll send you in the direction of others who seem to know what they are talking about and from whom I have learnt a lot, and still do.


Good luck with your endeavours.

Speak soon,




Andy Lunt

Andy and his lovely wife Jools





“The Coffee Shop Marketer”

(It’s MUCH harder than they make out….but you CAN do it!)


PS  If you are a complete novice at all this why not visit my FREE PRODUCTS library. There’s bound to be something that is relevant to what you need.

PPS  If you are struggling with the basics of WordPress then check out the series of videos on HELP WITH WORDPRESS that I have on the site.


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