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How to Find Lucrative Keywords: Explode Your Traffic


Hi guys,

I’ve found a real pearler of a video for you to look at today

if you’re struggling with the whole keyword thing.

There’s three videos for you to look at and hopefully after watching them, the old cogs in the head will start turning and perhaps some of you will get an aha moment. 

Video 2 is by a marketer who I follow quite closely in the SEO field and have learnt loads from. There’s certainly an opportunity for some of you to make good money if you make use of this. Hope you enjoy it.

Firstly let’s consider what affiliate marketers often do. In fact this is what I did when I first started out.

I decided to build a product review site for various keyword tools that were available.

Video 1 : Choosing an Exact Match Domain(EMD) for my keyword tool site


So, after literally hours and hours of research using various keyword tools such as Market Samurai, I came up with an EMD that gets around 880 exact matches for the best fit keyword phrase “keyword selector tool”. Thing was though, that I even had to use a hypenated version as all other exact matches were taken!  I proceded to then spend hours and hours building my site and a small fortune backlinking to it.

And for what?

IF I managed to get top spot in the Google rankings(Less likely with a hyphenated exact match domain), I would attract around 50-60% of the searches per month. Namely around 500 visitors per month…..about 16 or 17 hits per day!!!!!!!!!! Well just do the math about conversion rates and you’ll soon figure out that I was never going to retire from my day job (even with a 50%+ affiliate commission) using this keyword phrase.

So I binned the keyword phrase and looked for another? Well this was the best phrase with an available domain match, so I decided to scrap the whole product review site. Errrr no.

Like so many beginners at internet marketing I figured I would cut my teeth on something which might not make money but would be quite easy to rank for.

What?????? Was I mad? What was the point in that?

Answer:  There was no point when there is a much better alternative that can make you good money.  I learnt the hard way. I made some money from the site but I reckon I was getting around $0.20 per hour for my efforts. A total pittance!

Take a peak at

VIDEO 2: Untapped

by a guy called Alex Becker, it’s so cool

 Source: YouTube

Distributed by Alex Becker via Source Wave Videos

So for hardly any research Alex located untapped keywords that were bringing in heaps more traffic. Monetise any of these types of sites and because the usual SEO brigade is not in town there are FAR easier pickings. Cool eh?

So I thought I’d try this research for myself

Take a look at

VIDEO 3 : Researching for Untapped Keywords


Well this was my very first attempt…..honest. A really thought provoking experiment!

Can you see the potential here for an unlimited supply of new domains that have lucrative keywords in them? This is very interesting stuff indeed.

Anyhow, at the very least some food for thought.

Speak soon,



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