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When I first started out in internet marketing, affiliate marketing(old style), was at its peak. What we would now call ‘thin’ affiliate sites were everywhere.

All an affiliate had to do to make a decent income, was slap up an exact match domain for some product, or group of products and write a few pages in the form of a review site. Many marketers didn’t even bother with that and took visitors straight to a sales page. Then if you were to buy a few backlinks from the likes of Fiverr and hey presto, in no time at all you could rank on page one of Google giving you free traffic all day long. 

As long as your reviews or sales pages were well presented you would see a constant trickle or maybe a torrent of revenue depending on the offer and keywords you were targeting.

Then along came the Panda, Penguin, EMD updates etc. from your friendly neighbourhood Google. In one cataclysmic shift, hundreds of affiliate sites which had very little substance, disappeared off the radar completely. I should know ’cause some of mine vanished and have never returned. Google was trying to send a message to us marketers loud and clear. Give visitors value. Give them a good visitor experience so that they return to your site again and again. Provide quality stuff so that they ‘share’ or ‘like’ your site.

It’s true that there appears to have been some casualties along the way who didn’t appear to deserve it. However, it also seems to be the case that for highly competitive and generally lucrative keyword based sites, it appears slightly easier to get ranked highly without masses of great content in the very short term. At least that seems to be the evidence of marketers who analyse these things. Over the medium to long term these thin content sites do tend to lose traction and disappear off the radar.

So the message is potentially this….only potentially as second guessing Google isn’t an exact science….. you can build thin content affiliate sites for short term gain. A constant turnover of new sites would seem to be the way to go as their shelf life appears limited. As a business model it certainly has its merits as far as ROI is concerned.

On the other hand creating a quality site and quality content seems a very attractive alternative to me at the moment. As long as your site isn’t fighting one of the really big boys, then an authority status site carries with it the prospect of high rankings in low and medium competition niches pretty much from here on in. It is unlikely that in the foreseeable future that a site that has gained authority and hence high ranking, would suddenly see this ranking lost.

A word of caution though. I really wouldn’t put my eggs in one basket. All well and good following the authority model plan as opposed to the short term multiple and repeated thin site approach, just as long as you don’t create just one massive site that carries with it all your monetization. For me the whole reason for building an authority site would be to flip it(sell it) at some later stage. You can only flip a site if its monetization is rock solid. ie it’s traffic source must be rock solid.

An unexpected adjustment in Google’s alogrithm at any time could see your entire business sent down the tubes. I’d suggest a number of authority sites of lesser magnitude and in different niches together with a few thin sites might be the order of the day.

Anyhow, food for thought.

It would be good if you have experience of authority sites to see you post some thoughts on here so that we all could learn from each others experiences.

In the mean time why don’t you check out Lisa Parmley who has a membership site: Authority Site Model. Alternatively her Inline SEO course which is also excellent for authority sites. Lisa is a master at authority site creation and how to drive traffic and monetizing it. I’ve learned loads from her over the years.

Speak soon,

Andy Lunt


Hi Guys,

Thought I’d share a really cool video today…….

about something that I think is great for any of us stuggling to attract visitors to our sites. I had always considered that the secret of gaining masses of visitors to a site was to top the Google listings and gain loads of organic traffic. Now to a certain extent that remains true. However it has been clear to me for some time that if I wanted to be attracting traffic to my blog at least part of my strategy needed to change.

For a long while I concentrated on trying to top the Google rankings by mastering SEO techniques. You know the routine….keywords, domains containing keywords,  backlinking etc etc.  I’d spend hours mulling over keyword tools thinking I was doing something really productive.

keyword research overload

Picking traffic generating keywords can be so frustrating….if you let it be

My head would be in a spin with a definite paralysis by analysis which led to provarication and no action on occasions.

Whilst to be fair I have had a quite a lot of success attracting traffic with the usual methods, (for another blog), the recent Panda, Penguin and EMD updates has taught me not to rely too heavily on the search engines. You are completely at the mercy of the latest Google algorithms and many of my sites crashed and burnt….especially ‘thin’ sites with little content that were focusing on keywords for local businesses.

Now whilst I still do some SEO in a different guise these days, my focus has definitely switched to a different approach to get the traffic and visitor flow. For example I have done absolutely no backlinking up to now for this blog and have no immediate plans to do so. I may in the future but presently I am focusing on gaining traffic from sources other than keywords, Google and the dreaded backlinking.

By the way for all you complete beginners to internet marketing out there, if you have no idea about SEO, keywords or backlinking,

Unanswered questions as a new internet marketer

What on earth is SEO and keyword research?

it may actually be a blessing in disguise… least for the time being. Don’t worry about that for now and just read on.

So if you just pause for a moment and consider what is it that would make you stay on a site for any length of time?  What would make you return to a site time and time again or……and this is what  I feel is the real secret…..what would make you recommend, like or share a site amongst friends or a community?

Well surely it would be if you found something on a site that was of value to you? The ‘value’ could simply be something that entertained you or made you laugh. I’m always on the web looking to be entertained.  On the other hand I reckon that if a site offered you a solution to a problem, or advice how to tackle something that you were struggling with, then again you would stick around and/or recommend them to others.

Well take a look at this video from a guy called Peter Garety. He’s one of the marketers I’ve been following with interest as he seems to know his stuff about traffic generation.

Source: Youtube video by Peter Garety.

As you can see he cuts through the nonsense about keyword rearch and shows a real simple way to target keywords to become SEO friendly. There’s not a keyword tool in sight lol.

From my perspective it really makes sense to do a lot more something known as content curation as it were to attract traffic to your blog.  Using Peter’s video on this blog is content curation. It is simply the sharing of resources and information.  ‘Content curation’ is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but it’s always been around. Because it was lower profile in the past,  many internet marketers, especially beginners, got hung up on having purely unique content on their blogs and to be honest I’d include myself in that list.

When you watch Peter’s video it makes you realise that the secret to attracting visitors, reducing bounce rates, increasing return visits and getting others to ‘spread’ the word about your site is simply to have great content. And the great content doesn’t have to be totally unique to yourself. It is not essential for you to do a pile of research and the rewrite it all in your own words. Unique content is still important but reconstitution of old ideas repackaged in your own words is not necessarily the best way forward.

For example it may be far better to try and encourage guest bloggers from time to time. This works well once your site is established as you’ll find you get offers of free blog posts from webmasters in return for a backlink or such like. On one of my sites which has gained significant traction in its niche and become somewhat of an ‘authority’ if you like, I frequently get emails from webmasters or organisations who want to give me free info or a unique article as a guest blog in exchange from a link or free advert etc.

You can also use the dreaded PLR  as a basis of some articles which you can edit or adapt, as long as you turn them into your own style which sits comfortably with all your unique content.

As I said before in another post I follow a handful of online marketers who I learn things from. Sharing things that I learn from them on my blog is surely a good way forward. This includes videos they make and articles they write.

If you do this on a regular basis, then your blog or website becomes a focal point or hub if you like, for people in your niche who are looking for information and good content.

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Hey Guys I’ve Got Good Stuff to Share

If visitors can find fantastic, quality information from various authority sources all in the same place so they don’t have to have bookmarks all over the place or feeds coming in from a dozen sites then they will return to your site, bookmark your site, set up a feed from your site and above all will ‘like’, ‘share’ and recommend your site to others.

So to get traffic and repeat visitors to your blog simply spend time sharing good stuff. Make sure you only share quality content because there’s a lot of out there that is not very good and in some cases is just plain useless. It makes so much sense, but perhaps until you see such a simple video from someone such as Peter it isn’t obvious to many. I know for a long time it certainly wasn’t obvious to me!

Hope this helps and if it has it would be really cool if you could like or share this post. Thanks guys.

Speak soon,







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