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2014 Here We Come

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First of all let me say a big hello to anyone who drops by to my site and haven’t seen much in the way of posts recently. I’ve had so many distractions to do with family and one major project I’ve been working on that I’ve been a bit absorbed elsewhere.

Thought it was time to get back to my blog and pass on my thoughts about various things that have been going on this year and what 2014 holds for one and all.

I’d like to start by saying that I hope you had a happy X-Mas and you and your family are in good health. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what we are doing that we forget what is really important to us.

Anyhow….what a learning experience 2013 has been for me in all sorts of ways.

My biggest learning curve has been a really costly one. I spent a good chunk of change and many many hours of labor building an authority site in a pretty lucrative niche. Nearly all my traffic was being generated by a massive long tail of keywords. Everything was fine until one of the major changes on Google.

Panda, Penguin, Emu….whatever. All I know is that my site disappeared completely from all search results in Google for just about all keywords. My traffic fell to a trickle overnight. To say I was stunned would be an understatement.

I’m still working on the site trying to regain its position in Google again but no luck so far. I’m still not certain what caused the slap to be honest. Bad links, duplicate content, OTT SEO…… not that I’m aware of.

One thing I do know however is that it’s taught me a valuable lesson, which I used to preach to other people. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The worst number in the world in internet marketing is ONE. I was relying on ONE major site for my business last year and was relying on only ONE major traffic source, namely Google. Clueless really. One big gamble that backfired on me.

So for 2014 I’m going to diversify more, have more irons in the fire as it were. I’m going to dabble with authority sites yes, but mix things up with membership sites and product creation.

As far as traffic is concerned I will aim for some organic stuff from Google but I’ll be using YouTube and article marketing along with slideshares a whole lot more. I’ll also throw in some press releases along the way and try and get some social traffic too. However the one biggie for me this year is to master paid traffic.

Probably not Google Adwords, maybe media buys, banner ads and the like. there’s a whole new world of untapped traffic out there to be explored.


I intend to post a whole lot more in 2014 so i hope you stick around cos’ I’ve got a lot to share, especially if you are new to online marketing or have been struggling to get traction with your efforts.

Hope you have a fabulous New Year and prosper with your business over the next twelve months.

Speak soon,


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1) Realise it’s not Easy

Yaboo and Sucks to all those marketers out there who are selling all the picks and shovels to the likes of me and you with wild claims of how easy it all is to make a fortune online.

As with the real gold rush of the Wild West, the vast majority of people making a good living at internet marketing are those who actually sell tools and advice. Nothing new there then!

It’s a well-known fact that around 50% of all new businesses fail in the first year or so and between 90-95% fail within 5 years …..But did you know that 99% of the money made from internet marketing is made by 1% of the marketers?

That is a startling fact if you stop and think about it and quite a sobering thought for those mere mortals amongst us who have considered dipping their toes into online marketing.

The truth is that it is extremely difficult to make decent money and even harder to make life changing amounts. But hey, anything in life worth having isn’t easy is it?


2) Understand that it Takes a Lot of Work

If you are starting from scratch with little or no background in either the marketing side or the technical side of things, then you really need to be prepared to role your sleeves up and graft.

There really is no such thing as a free lunch in this game despite what you are constantly told by the so called Gurus.

Indeed even when you actually know what you are doing you have to put in the time. Sitting on a tropical beach somewhere, sipping cocktails as you press a few laptop buttons to see the money role in is, I’m afraid, pure fantasy.

If you’re lured by the notion of easy money then go and try the lottery, because you’ve got more chance of striking gold.


3) Get Technical Help

If you do not have the knowledge base to build your own websites, sort out domains and hosting, put up videos, squeeze pages, landing pages, sort out your auto-responders etc. from day one, then forget trying to learn it all….at least at first.

It’s hard enough to market well and get people to buy from you, without having to become a king-size technical geek as well!

I remember only too well as a newcomer, trying to get to grips with html, cascading style sheets, JavaScript and the like and it sure wasn’t funny.  It was TOO HARD! Even simple user friendly platforms like WordPress seemed a mystery at the time.

My advice to you would be to invest in finding someone who can offer technical support and who takes care of all that for you.  Sure it will cost but if you are serious about succeeding then an investment is definitely worth it.

As you are involved in the running of your business you will pick up lots of the technical aspects along the way and eventually you’ll be able to do most things yourself. To begin with though, employ someone to ‘make things happen’ as it were. It’s a must in my opinion.


4) Find a Good Marketing Mentor

Finding someone that you can learn the ropes of marketing and making money online from, is probably THE most important thing you can do.

When I first started out I signed up to every newsletter and marketing list that I could find. I also bought loads of eBooks, video courses and attended seminars. I joined various marketing forums and devoured everything I could find on the topic of internet marketing.

I spent a small fortune and most of my investment was spent on absolute dross. Well a bit harsh perhaps, but let’s say the techniques taught didn’t always work and many were incomplete. The incomplete thing is a common thread with “how to make money online” products.

Often it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing.

After a while I began to figure out what was useful and what wasn’t. I also began to get to know the marketers who provided great information and often “over delivered” as it were. This is what you should do.

Try and find marketers to follow. Unsubscribe from 90% of the lists and just watch out from emails from your chosen few. The sooner you can figure out who you can learn useful stuff from and those to bin, the quicker you’ll start making money.

I’d also suggest that finding one person who would act as your personal mentor is the best option…provided they have a proven track record. Working with the right person could not only show you how a successful online business runs, but how you can do it for yourself and in a relatively short time span.

Consider investing financially in this process if you need to. Get the right person and it could be a game changer for you. I follow three or four marketers closely myself in different areas of marketing. I also have my own personal mentor who I work closely with.

It’s funny how as soon as I started working with my mentor things just “started to happen”.

You can find out more about my personal mentor here on my blog.

5) Become a Master at One Technique at a Time

Self-explanatory really. Most marketing beginners are bombarded by offers of methods, techniques, courses, software etc. etc. on a daily basis.

Cutting through the ‘noise’ and cherry picking the useful courses is hard enough in itself. Deciding how you are going to monetize your online activities is another problem altogether.

There is a multitude of ways that you can make a good living online. Any one of which is perfectly doable for someone starting out in online marketing.

My advice is to choose one method and stick with it until you succeed. So if you are learning how to drive traffic to your website, then you might want to master free traffic sources and become an expert in SEO and back-linking.

On the other hand you might want to concentrate on paid traffic sources. There are lots of paid traffic options other than the obvious one of Google Adwords. Most are a lot cheaper than Adwords and allow you to target your potential customer demographics very easily.

The big mistake that most marketers make, I’d include myself in this list when I was starting out, is to dabble with all methods. The danger is that you tend to learn a little about everything without knowing any one technique inside out.

It’s only when you really know what you are doing that you see genuine success. As a result many beginners to internet marketing give up too soon. They have spent an awful lot of time and sometimes money,  getting to grips with lots of methods instead of mastering just the one.

They become understandably disillusioned and pack it in before seeing any rewards for their efforts.


6) Realise it IS Easy After All

To succeed at internet marketing is really difficult…….until you know what to do.

It’s a bit like looking at a higher mathematics exam paper having never been taught any algebra. You might be the brightest person in the world but if you haven’t been taught what’s on the paper, you won’t know what to do.

So get yourself tech help, get yourself a proven mentor, master specific techniques thoroughly before trying new ones and be prepared to work smart as well as hard.

If, and it’s a big if, you follow those basic ideas then succeeding at internet marketing isn’t hard. On the contrary it’s very EASY. Shame most people don’t follow this mantra and as such the rewards for them remain unattainable.

So what are you currently doing to try and succeed? Perhaps you should consider following these 6 basic steps.

Hope some of this helps clarify your thinking,

Speak soon,

Andy Lunt

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What on Earth is WordPress All About?

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What on Earth is WordPress All About?


I remember in the not too distant past, when I had almost no knowledge about the actual process of building a website.

I knew what type of sites I wanted to build but didn’t even really understand just exactly what a website was. For any of you still grappling with this basic concept then I fully appreciate how you feel.

I got several so called experts to try and explain it, I looked up loads of video tutorials but I found it hard to grasp what I was being told.

Hey, perhaps I’m simple or something, but they all seem to pitch at a level that was way above my head.

So how do I build a website

Basically I ended up teaching myself through trial and error and a lot of heartache.

Because I know what it’s like to work in a fog, I’ve tried to explain what a website is in VERY simple terms here.

So I hope that helps for starters.

Then once I started getting my head round just exactly what a website was, I looked into actually creating one.

So…..taking the advice of every man and his dog I knew who seemed to have half an idea about website design….. I purchased Dreamweaver as I was led to believe this was the best software that would enable me to build websites easily.

Well all I can say is good luck if you start out as a newbie and try and get stuck into Dreamweaver.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an absolutely brilliant tool for the creation of websites and I use it now for certain types of sites.

It is however really designed for people who know what they are doing!!!!!!


Trying to get my head round cascading style sheets and javascript was hilarious thinking back(not at the time mind you!).

I really shouldn’t have tried, because there is no need to unless you actually enjoy that sort of thing.

The money you can make won’t come about by your skills at using Dreamweaver.

So at some in the future if you make a success of internet marketing, Dreamweaver is a very useful tool to have at your disposal, but at the moment, forget it.

After struggling with Dreamweaver for what seemed an eternity and then trying to learn html coding as well I began to seek out an easier way.

Better late than never lol.

I searched high and low on Google for information on the easiest way to build websites.

It was whilst I was looking through various offers and pdf courses being sold by internet marketers that I noticed something called WordPress being mentioned rather a lot and in particular(which really interested me) in relation to creating simple websites.


I’ve since realised that you can make fabulous sites with WordPress if you want, but at the time the simplicity word grabbed my attention.

Without doing much research I purchased templates and themes for various WordPress based courses sold by marketers.

Back came a load of downloadable files and folders half of which I couldn’t even open!!! PHP files…what on earth?

It became clear to me that building any sort of website/blog is not any where near as easy as the sales pitches make it out to be, especially if you

really are new to all the concepts.

I couldn’t get my head round WordPress at first…. despite it being sold as ‘simple’ all over the web.


I eventually found out that I was falling in to the classic mistake that many newbies make, namely trying to run before I could walk.

I found myself a local tech expert and he went through the basics of WordPress with me.

At first it really didn’t come naturally to me at all.

However with perseverance it started to become more ‘automatic’ as it were.

As with many things such as this, the more you do things the more it stays with you and the more intuitive at related concepts and software you become.

So what was this mysterious saviour of all newbie internet marketers? ….this mythical ‘WordPress?’


Well in our game it’s known as a content management system or CMS.

There are different CMS’s that you can use.

You may have heard of Joomla or Drupal for example…but it really doesn’t matter if you haven’t cos WordPress is by far the simplest and most widespread.

And the next question I can hear you muttering is “What the hell is a content management system?”, apart from the obvious retort that it is a

system that manages content.

Well you don’t say…. but what does that mean on a practical level?


Well there are two ways of going about using WordPress. You can

  • Create a WordPress blog
  • Create your own self hosted website

 Let me address these two methods of using WordPress.


Creating a WordPress Blog

If all you are interested in, is writing your thoughts and ramblings about life and the universe or whatever, ie. doing a blog,  then the former may

be ideal for you.

If you simply want to make a small amount of money from your views, interests, opinions and recommendations a WordPress

blog  might still be fit for purpose.

Here are a couple of examples of WordPress blogs

Notice that the URL of the blogs clearly have within them at the end.

This is because you simply build your blog on the back of WordPress who host it all for you.

You don’t need to buy a domain or hosting. Simply go to , follow their guidance and you can be

up and running in no time with your very own blog.


Well the way I said that makes it all sound really simple didn’t it?

If you are completely new to all this it can be very confusing at first.

People who blog regularly or give guidance about creating blogs, websites or internet marketing tend to forget that they are so used to doing these things that what seems ridiculously easy to them is far from it to someone who has never seen this before.

I’d suggest you spend a good couple of hours when you aren’t tired and won’t be disturbed AND when you are in the mood to learn new stuff getting to grips with it.

Eventually it will become simple to do if you perservere with it.

But as with all these sorts of things, once you get the hang of it you need to keep doing it, or your new found skills will rapidly disappear.


Creating Your Own Self Hosted Website

This is what nearly all serious internet marketers do. Buy yourself hosting that allows you to have numerous domains and use WordPress to set up websites.

Once you have learned the process you can have basic sites up and running very quickly…but again this is only the case once you are confident.

WordPress provides you with a framework if you like, to which you can add and manage the content that goes on your site.

That’s why it is known as a content management system. The setting up of a header, logo, page, articles, the menus, the sidebars, images, videos, blogs and comments etc etc etc can all be done with a few clicks of a button once you are familiar with how the system works.

You are also able to change the basic style/look of your site by the use of ‘themes’ which can be uploaded from various sources, free or paid. To start you off WordPress gives you a very basic ‘theme’ to use.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the nuts and bolts most people change the theme to a style more suited to the niche/subject of the website.



One thing that I didn’t realise when I first looked into WordPress is that it can literally make any type of website. I first thought on researching about it, that it was really just for bloggers and that’s all.

Well it’s true to say it was developed as a blogging system and it still is at its core. It has progressed a lot over the years however and nowadays can be used to make the most advanced and specialised websites if you so wish.

There are so many plugins and widgets that you can buy(some are free) which add various features to your site if you so wish. Plugins are just pieces of software designed to work with WordPress specifically.

Some marketers and tech experts may still prefer to work with other content management systems. Each to their own obviously, but if you are new to website creation it really is a no-brainer for me.

Use WordPress.

It’s free, it’s easier to learn and it creates great websites. It also has fantastic support and far more choice in the extras like plugins than other systems.

I recall starting to build a large authority site and enlisted the help of a local ‘expert’. He convinced me that Joomla should be the way to go for such a site. I was surprised at just how confusing Joomla was. It took me ages to get to grips with it. As a beginner it was HARD and not very intuitive.

Well I perservered and eventually it started to become second nature, but then the real issues set in.

I found that the available modules(equivalent to WordPress plugins), were far less. I also found compatability problems existed between many of the different components of my website. eg. one module wouldn’t work with another because one was  designed to work with an older version of Joomla and so on.

Now I know there are ways round these issues and many website experts prefer Joomla. The guy I was working with swore by it. But for me as a beginner it was so FRUSTRATING. It was just too hard!!

I’ve since realised that those who create websites for a living sometimes have an elitist view of things and can often look down on WordPress as it is relatively easy to do and they perceive it as a blogging tool, nothing more.

If you are starting out building websites in 2013 then I’d suggest use WordPress. It is far more than a blogging tool and can literally create any style of website you choose.


Okay, so there you have it. To me the simplest way to build high quality websites is to use WordPress.

This site is a WordPress site. I’ve deliberately left it in the style of a blog, because that’s what I want for this site. I’m putting up my ramblings, thoughts and tips on internet marketing for others to learn from.

I do have dozens of other sites, some are blogs, but many are not.


If you want to learn a lot more about the nuts and bolts of WordPress then you will find a series of help videos in the pages section of this site. They are really short and focus on just one aspect of using WordPress each time. I hope they help.

They are recorded by a fellow marketer and I have had permission to post them on my site. I’ll probably record a few of my own to fill in any gaps at a later date.


If you have any thoughts or comments please post them here and if you have a request for a help video with WordPress just ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for listening,

Speak soon,

Andy Lunt

The Coffee Shop Marketer

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Hi there, hope you had a great X-mas and are keen and eager to get cracking in the New Year. Have you made those resoultions? If you haven’t, perhaps you should and before you do, take a peak at this video I’ve recorded and the subsequent post. I hope it helps you with any plans you have this year.


With so many changes afoot in internet marketing, what with all the latest Google updates like Panda, Penguin and EMD, the explosion in the Mobile Marketing, Facebook and Social Media, 2013 promises to be a land of opportunity or alternatively a year of yet more confusion and heartache.

Unfortunately for most it will be the latter, but hopefully things will be different for you and by reading this post I hope your path to some cash will be a bit clearer. If you are keen to get a march on everyone else then take a peak at this before you begin.

I’ve been ‘dabbling’ at internet marketing for years now and the one thing that really seems to have been the hardest thing for me to get my head round, is what approach to use to try and make some money.

Too many internet marketing methods to try

Like many would be marketers, I’ve tried all the methods I mention with greater or lesser success.

In most cases I achieved a big fat ZERO with regards to making any sort of profit on the venture. Any money I made was merely off-setting my initial outlay or monthly recurring bills that were required to run the system or model I was following.

It can be really really frustrating as I knew, as do you probably, that many people make a good living or better from each of the methods listed. The question was “How?”…..because for what seemed like an eternity, I sure as hell wasn’t.

If you are anything like me then it’s likely that you signed up to countless newsletters and added your name to dozens of lists from so called ‘experts’ or ‘gurus’.

My email box was bombarded on a daily basis with literally dozens, and on occasions, hundreds of messages and sales pitches. Many of them were advocating the latest trick, technique or ‘system’ that made money online.

I would get suckered in to parting with some cash because the system looked potentially ‘useful’ for the future, or it was a ready made system or software that meant I could trial it immediately. 

Many times I would then spend the next couple of months working frantically at the ‘magic’ solution or ‘system’ and in many cases followed the steps precisely as described in the reports of tutorial courses.

Invariably they failed to deliver any results and for my next ‘fix’ or ‘feel good’  factor I’d go and buy the next get rich quick scheme, or dossier on how to build a huge traffic empire or whatever.

The psychological influences at play are huge in this situation and I bet you have felt them too if you are reading this.

It’s like being on an emotional roller coaster.

Emotional Roller Coaster of Internet Marketing

One minute you’re excited at the latest product that you have invested in, the next you feel a bit flat when you realise it doesn’t work…or at least it’s not as easy as they make out in the report or whatever.

Usually you require a whole bunch of other skills or knowledge about other techniques that they don’t talk about. In other words it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle with only a quarter of the pieces!

Then along comes another batch of emails, another purchase and another short term fix of hope, expectation or perhaps just delusion.

I was sorting out my files and folders the other day and I found at least a dozen PDFs and ‘systems’ that I forgot I’d even bought and most of them were untried or in some cases even unread!

Absolute madness or what?  The cycle just repeats itself over and over again and the only people coining it during this ‘gold rush’ are yet again those selling the picks and shovels to the likes of me and you.

I went through this self-fulfilling prophecy of failure many many times before the penny actually dropped for me. I’d done some affiliate marketing and made a little money but nothing to write home about. I’d created my own public domain product, built a list in a small niche and tried email marketing.

I’d created about a dozen small sites aimed at local business niches to attract advertisers, I’d done the whole  E-Bay, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter thing and done some lead generation stuff.

I’d bought countless products about ‘Kindle’, ‘membership sites’, ‘drop shipping’ and launched CPA driven sites. I’d even built a training/education site in an area where my expertise lies.

But was I making a killing in any area? Was I heck and to be honest there was little prospect of doing so if I had continued to carry on as I had been.

You see I was spreading my resources far too thin, both in terms of monetary resources and the time I had available with me working full time in a highly stressful and time consuming job. I was a jack of all trades if you like

Jack of All Trades in Internet Marketing

and most certainly not a master of any.

This ‘penny’ that dropped was simply the realization that I needed to become a master at something. To make money online you simply have to be au fait with every nuance of the strategy that you adopt. There is far too much competition for you to make a good living by ‘dabbling’.

The next step in my any rennaissance is to pick a method that you are going to concentrate on…and do just that. Educate yourself to the n’th degree with the strategies involved and work on it exclusively on a regular basis. In fact I would recommend that to cut through the BS that you get yourself a mentor or coach.

Here’s an excellent video by Tony Robbins about getting a coach and learning how to become a master at whatever it is you are trying. It’s a sales pitch, and quite general too, but what he talks about is so applicable to our business. Take a look.


Source: Youtube   Tony Robbins

I bet you’ve seen, just as I have, products being advertised, that are designed to help you organise yourself to focus properly on a particular technique and not be distracted by the ‘noise’ of push button methods to riches.

Some marketers make an awful lot of money by educating you about all this stuff to do with focus, goals and time management. Tony Robbins is an excellent example of this.

Okay so I realised some time ago that I needed to focus in on one particular approach and become good at it so that I made money. Problem was, and I’d be surprised if you weren’t thinking this to be honest, what method/technique/ approach should be used?

After all if you commit to say CPA offers, spend a small fortune on it and forget everything else for two years, then what happens if it doesn’t work out?

That’s the dilemma I and so many of us inexperienced marketers face when trying to gain some traction in a particular market. The temptation is to pretend we are serious about something, spend some money, spend several months slaving away but then abandon it when we don’t see the initial expected or even hoped for returns.

The cycle repeats again and we move on to the next ‘serious’ project.

For this post I’m going to talk about my suggestions for the top twenty-five ways of making some cash online.

Make Cash Online

Actually I wasn’t sure whether to spilt the post into two or not because it does go on a bit. However I’ve decided to leave it ‘as is’.

Also to be honest, they’re obviously not exclusively ‘my’ ideas, rather my thoughts about tried and tested methods that thousands of marketers use and which will undoubtedly work for you if, and here’s the key, you go about tackling them in the right way.

None of them are easy for a complete novice(otherwise every man and his dog would be an online marketing millionaire), yet at the same time none are difficult if you know what to do and how to do it. In other words they are hard if you don’t master them!

So listed below are my thoughts on twenty- five ways you can make money online in 2013. Which should you pick as a newbie? More on that afterwards….first let’s look at the list. They are in reverse order but this is only for a bit of fun.

There is no real significance in the order except that I have listed some of the more common methods later in the list as we count down.


My Top Twenty- Five Ways of Making a Heap of

Cash Online in 2013: TakeYour Pick


25) Training Courses: (ADVANCED MARKETERS)

If you are an expert in any field or niche then you can organise a training course at some conference room in a hotel. Depending on what you are skilled at, will depend on how many people attend and how much you charge.

For example some ‘gurus’ in internet marketing or the ‘self help/self improvement’ niches, charge hundreds or even thousands for a one or two day course.

Courses such as “How to Make a Million Online” or “Making a Mint from Property” are usually high ticket courses. I’ve attended some of these in various niches and they are very hit and miss in my experience.

If you plan to run one yourself I’d suggest you make it great value and make sure you know your stuff! For most mere mortals and all beginners in internet marketing this is a project for the future when all the nuances of your niche are refined.

And of course you don’t have to gain clients via internet marketing at all. An ad in a local or national paper or magazine is equally effective at getting attendees.


They seem to be all the rage at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without an email invitation to a webinar on some aspect of online marketing, landing in my inbox.

Holding a webinar seems to be out of reach for most marketers for a variety of reasons. If you are like me, it would be the technical issues that would be of concern.

To others it would be the thought of having to host the event yourself and actually ‘speak’ to real people. Whatever the reason, webinars are usually the domain of experienced marketers.

If you are thinking of setting one in motion then it might be an idea to try and get a ‘guest’ to run the webinar and you merely act as host. Many novices at running webinars hand over to the bigger ‘name’ as it were and let them lead and make a sales pitch at the end.

You might consider this as a possibility but if you want to pick up affiliate commissions via this approach, you’d need a substantial ‘list’ in place so that you can get the numbers signing up in the first place.

If you can’t show evidence of an already successful and proftable list of hungry buyers, then you’ll find it hard to find any joint venture partners to run with.

I’ve not done a webinar as yet, but from what I gather, they are far easier to do than you might think. You don’t have to do a hard sell at the end of the webinar and no hard sell might be advisable for the first few you try. That is certainly going to be my approach…there’ll be far less pressure to ‘deliver’ the goods if you’re not selling anything and the webinar was free to join in the first place.

Just use them to build trust at first. Once you are more experienced and have this trust annd reputation in place then try and sell something at the end of the session, or charge for access to a webinar you held in the past and which is hosted on your site or blog.

Anyhows definitely a method I’m considering soon, unless they go out of fashion…..which things have a habit of doing in internet marketing.

 23) Create a Business Directory

A business directory is really just a means of drawing in traffic to a site from highly targeted vistors who are seeking information or details about businesses in a certain niche.

The monetization comes from employing some of the other techniques mentioned on this list. For example you could capture emails of visitors and promote affiliate offers to this list over time.

As well as this approach you could charge advertising fees for businesses to be listed on your site. The key ingredient here is to make sure the site is getting a good volume of traffic so businesses want to advertise with you.

Another potentially lucrative approach is to sell leads of interested visitors to individual businesses. This way of working could potentially be very lucrative in some high ticket niches.

For example you might want to create a directory of all mortgage brokers in an individual state or county, or perhaps an individual city. It may be a directory of all specialist niche shops in the whole country. eg. businesses catering for larger sized gentlemen fashions etc.

As a stand alone, the creation of a business directory is not in itself a way of making money. Rather it provides the framework for you to hang various monetization methods on, to achieve the generation of financial success.

As such I thought I’d include it in my list……it certainly plays a part in my portfolio of money making sites.


22) Create a Blog

What can you say about this? Probably the easiest sort of site to set up, not even costing any cash outlay if you use the free WordPress blogging facility or say Blogger. As with the business directory it is merely a vehicle for applying a variety of money making techniques to those who visit your site.

Frequent, unique and quality posting is the order of the day. Try and provide interesting thoughts or lots of practical advice on things. Entertain people and make them want to ‘talk’ about your blog. They and others will return and that’s where the money can be made.

21) Create an Authority Site

The third in a row of this type of business model, where you build a framework to which you add monetization methods later. Personally I really like this approach. but it does take a lot of work to build a site that becomes one of the respected sites in its niche.

If you achieve it the rewards can be great as just about all methods of monetization can apply to this type of site.

A sound business plan might be to build your authority site and once it is making decent money, sell or flip it. Many marketers make their living by doing this over and over again.

One person who I have learnt a lot from on how to build such sites is Lisa Parmley. Her courses InlineSEO and Authority Site Model are really excellent and well worth the investment if you decide to focus on this as your main income generator. These are NOT affiliate links by the way, just useful links to help you out.

The one word of warning that I would mention at this point is not to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Great if your huge and time-consuming authority site does well, but if things change say with Google’s alogrithms, then your whole business could crash and burn if you only have the one big site.

Diversify your approach if possible and have various sites and techniques for making money. However only diversify when you have mastered the skills required to make your authority site a success.

Getting the balance right between diversification and mastery of a single business model is not easy, but something you need to get to grips with.

20) Build a Website and Sell it (Flipping)

This is the business model I’m following at the moment. If you can successfully build a website or group of websites that are focused on a particular niche and make good money from them consistently then you have a valuable asset that you can sell(flip).

Authority sites are usually the type of site I’d consider flipping although presently I’m working on a business directory which I plan to sell.

To be honest it doesn’t matter what type of site you have, if it makes money and you can provide evidence that it does, then people will be interested in buying it. Take a look at Flippa to see how the process of selling a site works…..then you need to take action and build that site!


19) Buy a Website That is Already Making Money

Just the reverse to the last method. Some marketers specialise in searching the likes of Flippa for sites that are already created and are making money.

Obviously due diligence is the order of the day if you want to apply this business model, successfully. You may want to build your own site in a niche and buy a related one to build a portfolio of sites in a particular niche.

18) Domain Flipping

Why bother with the hassle of creating and marketing a website at all? It is perfectly possible to have a business that deals solely with the buying and selling of domain names.

The secret is to buy them cheap and sell them for a profit…obviously. There are tricks of the trade to learn before you start hunting down good domains to buy. Sometimes it is worth buying a brand new domain which has a specific exact match keyword.

An example would be if you keep abreast of current affairs and try and predict the latest craze or thing of the moment for the near future. Buy a domain to match and if your predictions are correct, the domain will become sought after and hence valuable.

Alternatively you can buy an expired domain which already carries clout as far as SEO is concerned. You can pick up domains which are what we call aged and have an inherant built in trust factor because of the previous site that bore its name.

Build a reputable site and you can gain the organic traffic that is associated with the domain name itself.

If you are interested in finding lucrative domains then take a look at Domain Samurai.


17) Local Business Websites

Yellow Pages is defunct, you do know that don’t you? Most people who search for local businesses do so via the internet.There is a huge opportunity for you to build websites on behalf of local businesses if you are technically able to do so.

You can charge a lot of money for throwing up some pretty basic site using wordpress with a cool theme.

Most local business owners don’t know the first thing about website creation. You can practically name your price for them to have what is really a simple site.

You could also offer a follow up service of SEO(search engine optimisation) on a monthly rate if you are skilled in this area. If you can show that you can get their website close to the top of Google then they’ll be mighty impressed.

If you think about it for a moment, this shoudn’t be hard to do in most local niches.

The competition for “florists in Liverpool” won’t be that great and most competitors will be amateurish sites that can easily be outranked if you get the on page and off page factors sorted, for the site you are working on.

An alternative approach would be for you to build your own local site for a niche, eg florists in Liverpool. ie. You own the domain, you get it to the top of Google and then approach local business owners to see if they want to advertise on it.

Depending on the niche or the type of site, you could rent the whole site to one local business owner or just sell ads to many businesses. It may be possible to sell leads of potential customers to various local businesses.

16) Video Marketing

All the rage at the moment. Video marketing is huge at present. You can use videos to sell and promote products via Youtube or other video sharing sites.

There are some great courses out there which show you how to make this work. For example check out Jeff Johnson  and the method he employs to get results with video marketing.       

Videos can also be used, obviously, to promote other websites. It is generally far easier to rank a Youtube video with Google than it is for a website(Google likes Youtube videos cos they own it).

Embedding a video on your site is a must these days. Visitors expect to see them and they hold attention and reduce bounce rates whilst at the same time increasing visitor returns.

Many marketers do nothing but video marketing and are so skilled they make an absolute killing with it. Myself, I tend to use video to promote my authority sites and get my ‘brand’ known out on the web.


15) Lead Generation

Got to admit I luv lead generation. It lends itself to local businesses or national offers to a national or even international audience. You simply capture the name, address and other details of visitors interested in a particular offer and sell the details on to a business in that field or niche.

It can bring in small amounts per lead or even a modest amount for a number of leads, depending on the offer/service  involved and if the leads are ‘fresh’ or not.

You can use one of the large lead networks such as Leadpile for common types of lead offers like payday loans if you want to get cracking straight away with the simplest business model.

However, it  is also possible to charge a lot per lead, literally hundreds of dollars, maybe more.  To do this you need to capture a lot of information so that you can be sure that those who have completed their details are really serious about whatever the offer is.

No one can be bothered to fill out a long form with loads of fields unless they’re serious about something.

The lead also needs to be in a high ticket niche to command high value. Anything that provides a business with thousands of $ per lead is worth pursuing to get your commission.

At a local level you might want to negotiate with an individual business for the supplying of leads. This could be extremely lucrative. Some get paid for a deal that gets closed only. This is harder to organise but can be highly rewarding for the lead generator.

Other people just provide the leads and get paid for each one whether they close or not. This is less valuable but easier to set up and probably a more consistent income.


14) Mobile Marketing

This is taking off big style at the moment. It’s a fact that emails sent to mobiles are much more likely to be opened than sent elsewhere. Adverts that are placed on mobiles are far better at getting ROI.

People are far more responsive on mobiles as the culture is to be far more proactive when using a mobile device.

Currently I am not engaged in mobile marketing. I have my hands full trying to master other techniques, but if you are starting out a fresh business it might be worth your while investing more as it’s only going to get bigger imo. Local business owners are crying out for someone who can create apps for their businesses to advertise locally.

This market could be huge for you and is something I will try and master soon as it ties in well with one of my authority sites. But for now one step at a time, I don’t want Jack(of all Trades) to return again!!!


13) Selling PLR Products

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights” and is content that you can buy to re-use and even claim as your own. When you buy articles in the PLR format, you can use it to publish them to your blog, your authority site, Facebook page or include it in your auto-responder sequence.

It may be that you create an ebook or report from it.

Whatever you do it is best not to leave the PLR unchanged when you use it. If you are selling a product as your own which is based on a PLR product then make sure it is only based loosely on the original PLR product and not left exactly the same.

You should edit it to make it just the way you want it, and add your name as author.

Of course some marketers simply sell the PLR products as is, and make it crystal clear that they are PLR reports. They won’t be worth a lot but you’ll be surprised how much you can make at a few bucks a time.

Most marketers give them away, having tweaked them first, as free reports so they can capture email details.

12) Drop Shipping

Over the last few years drop shipping has become a popular business model.  This is largely due to the ease and accessibility of online transactions.

So just what exactly is drop shipping?

Well drop shipping is a process when a seller takes orders online and passes them on to the manufacturer or wholesale supplier for fulfillment. The drop ship supplier or fulfillment company then ships the product to the customer and bills the seller.

Any profit you make is simply the difference between the drop ship supplier’s price plus any shipping costs and your sale price. In many ways it is similar to affiliate marketing of physical products, except that you are free to choose the price you charge for the goods, whereas all affiliates get  the same set commission.

My biggest word of advice if you want to follow this business model is only to deal with reputable drop shippers. Due diligence is essential before using a particular drop ship company. If any drop shipper asks for a charge or fee to supply your customers then leave well alone.


11) Create and Sell Your Own Unique Product

The fastest way to earn a lot, and I mean a lot, of money online, is by creating and selling your own product. Most beginners at internet marketing don’t think that they could ever create a product that someone would buy. They simply don’t even have the confidence to try.

The reality is that it can be easy to create your own product, whether it be an ebook, an audio recording or video…whether shot in person or done as a screen capture.

The secret I have found is first to provide a product that people want to learn about or one that solves a need or strong desire. However you should not just  rehash the same old, same old, that is available all over the web.

Try and bring a fresh and individual slant to the product, call it a ‘system’ or ‘method’ or ‘unique dossier’ or the like.

These products do not have to be War and Peace epics either. See here for more information on how you can create really short info products that sell like hot cakes.

The idea is also to try and get vistors into your sales funnel(see later) where you can sell your own product for high backend prices. This is possible if you’ve provided great value initially to your customers.

If you were to master one and only one technique during 2013, then this is the one I would recommend, depending on the niche you are in.


10) Social Networking Sites

I’ve got to admit that using Facebook, Twitter and the like, as a form of socialising does not appeal to me one jot. It never ceases to amaze me what people will post on Facebook for hundreds or thousands to see, when they would never dream of saying it publicly.

However as a marketer, that is not the point. Many marketers use Facebook ads to make a living. I’ve dabbled but I am no expert presently. I’m still in the process of trying to master how to create a fanpage following for some of my sites and am trying varios techniques to get posts to go viral via Facebook or Twitter.

Without a shadow of a doubt I have seen huge spikes in traffic to certain sites thanks to social networks, but as yet I’m not getting enough of the right sort of traffic. Much of it is social traffic(there’s a surprise) and not interested in buying or even buying in the future.

So I haven’t yet mastered this technique yet but it is definitelyon my to do list as far as mastering a technique is concerned for 2013. If you want some really interesting stuff about Social networking etc check out Chris Munch. He has a lot of interesting ideas going forward for the future.


9) Membership Sites

These type of sites can provide great security to you and your business. You are able to charge a monthly fee for membership of your site and so give a steady income for your business. The membership can be ongoing  ie. forever, if the customer wishes, or it can be for a fixed term period.

You need to offer the members new stuff relating to the niche on a regular basis. Perhaps new articles on the site, blog posts, information, tips, newsletters, perhaps develop an active forum etc. etc.

If you provide quality help, advice and interest the members they will stay members for longer and hence increase your turnover. One excellent approach is to deliver a course or report via monthly instalments posted on your site. Members need to remain a member to gain access to all the parts of the course or report.

I’ll look more into membership sites in a future blogs cos Im really excited at the potential they offer for a more ‘secure’ income.


8) Write and Sell Kindle Books

This method is booming at the moment. Just about everybody fancies themselves as an author of the latest best seller and thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, everyone literally can be an author…… not that many become best sellers however.

I’ve dabbled in Kindle publishing and there are so many tricks of the trade as it were, to help with getting your book in the top listings and getting your book ‘noticed’ that there are dozens of new Kindle courses coming out all the time.

As always some are better than others and new techniques seem to be doing the rounds all the time. If you want to find some basic sound advice why not try checking out marketers such as James Jones or Geoff Shaw. There are some excellent and cheap courses for you to get from these guys and they also do lots of webinars for you to learn from.

Check out this video by James.


 Source: Youtube : Find out more about James Jones.

7) Create Public Domain Products

My first ever money online was the sale of a public domain product. This approach is ideal if you don’t have a creative or knowledgable bone in your body. Basically there are thousands upon thousands of literary works that are currently in the public domain.

ie. You are free to copy and sell the book as you wish without copyright infringements. There are books on every possible topic imaginable provided the works are of a certain age.

Do your research though as you don’t want a hefty law suit on your desk! In the past I’ve given scanned public domain books away as a freebie in return for email addresses as well as selling them on clickbank…a big thank-you to my affiliates. Check out this website if you want to find out more about public domain possibilities.

6) Advertisers

Some marketers I know complain that they can not get advertisers for their site. I think they miss the point.

For example if you are building an authority site that does actually become an authority in its niche, then it will get substantial traffic. Advertisers will know this and will contact you to advertise. You won’t have to do any hard sell or chasing at all.

If you are building a business directory of some description, then none of the businesses who are possible listings would be willing or intersted in paying an advertising or listing fee if you don’t get traffic. You won’t be getting much traffic for most niches. at least not targeted traffic, if you’re not high in the rankings for Google.

So to gain advertisers it’s really quite simple. Build a site that gets loads of traffic which by definition will be really useful, providing a service or solution to your visitors. The money will follow.

5) CPA Offers

Cost Per Action is very popular presently and is similar to affiliate marketing. In CPA you simply get renumerated for getting visitors to take a course of action. They may need to sign up to an offer or more usually simply enter their email address for some offer.

There are lots of CPA networks with lots of offers available but you generally have to be accepted to gain access to the offers. If asked it might be an idea to say that you are going to use paid ads to get traffic.
You also have to monitor what offers you are promoting on a regular basis as the best offers tend to get removed, sometimes without notice, which can be a pain.

I would suggest a good application of a CPA business model would be using CPA along with Adsense on an authority site which gets loads of traffic. Check out some of these networks if you’re intersted in CPA.

  1. PeerFly
  2. MaxBounty
  3. Affiliate Venture Group
  4. AdscendMedia
  5. CPALead
  6. Clickbooth
  7. Convert2Media
  8. Adknowledge
  9. W4
  10. CPAWay

4) Adsense

We’ve all seen those annoying looking little adverts that appear on websites. If a visitor clicks on one then the website owner gets a small commission. This type of marketing can work well, but usually when you are creating a large authority site that drives loads of traffic. It is a really inefficient way of driving revenue but is so simple to set up which is what makes it so popular with beginners.

Take care as an over use of ads with Adsense can be a real turn off to visitors and many leave the site immediately.

Fact is that most marketers get nothing more that loose change from adsense unless they crack the traffic issue big style. As part of a larger and diverse approach to monetizing a blog or authority site Adsense can work well, but as a stand alone it ‘aint worth touching imo.

If you are interested in using Adsense ads on your blog or site then you can investigate further here.

3) EMail Marketing

Probably the single most effective way of making money online if you can get it right. The beauty about this is that if you have a highly responsive list then you are pretty much Google proof. It doesn’t matter where Google ranks your site you have a list of people to market to as you wish.

The old saying that money is in your list is right…to an extent. You probably know as well that the real money is in the relationship that you have with your list.

Set up a squeeze page(email capture page), offer some inducement( a free report or newsletter) for visitors to leave their email details which will create your ‘list’ and then write an autorsponder series to market to them.

There is obviously a lot more to it than this, as building rapport and trust with those on your list is easier said than done. It can be VERY hard to do if you don’t think about how to go about it and spend time thinking about your autoresponder messages.

No one will buy anything from someone who is constantly feeding them offers every other day.

So spend time nurturing your relationship with your list and give them great value. Help them out, give advice and entertain them. Try and tell them a little about you and your family and only make an offer to them once in a while.

There is a definite art to this that you can learn and email marketing lends itself to be combined with a lot of other techniques such as affiliate marketing…ie. You can make offers as an affiliate to your list.

2) Ebay

Many people who wouldn’t consider themselves to be internet marketers, dabble in buying and selling through Ebay. Indeed many folk I know locally, actually have going concerns where they put up friends and family used items up for sale and take a small commission for doing so…most people can’t be bothered.

You can also become an affiliate and earn good commissions…which leads me on nicely to….

1)  Affiliate Marketing

Quite simply the most popular and perceived by most, as the easiest way to make money online.You sign up as an affiliate for someone else’s product and then try and sell it for them, taking a % of the sale price. Most people cut their teeth with this business model by taking advantage of either Amazon’s affiliate programme (this is a link to the UK program), or Clickbank. Amazon allows you to sell physical products if you wish, Clickbank is for digital products, ebooks etc.

Well it may well be the easiest way to get set up and perhaps make a little money, but if you want more than small change it really isn’t easy any more. Five years ago you could throw up a quick exact match domain site, buy a few backlinks and get ranked by Google pretty quickly resulting in sales fairly easiliy. Things are a lot harder nowadays.

Sure you can still select a product from say Clickbank and then try and promote it to make your commission, but you have to be a lot more savvy nowadays to get free traffic…and you really have to be careful if you are using paid traffic methods.

Actually paid traffic like Adwords or alternative traffic sources like Plenty of Fish are really important traffic sources no matter which monetization method you use. At some point I would definitely recommend that you master them…..but that’s for another post!

So back to affiliate marketing…..f you know what you are doing you can still make a killing…and people do, they call themselves superaffiliates and make a small fortune. They have become a master at what they do!




Whew…so there you have it. Twenty-five ways that you can make some money with in 2013.

Don’t believe any marketer who says making a fortune is easy…..because it isn’t for 99% of the population. Very few beginners have a ‘feel’ for what to do when they start out and most of them have a marketing background somewhere.

The good news though is that even if things don’t come naturally to you, you have need of a skill set that can be learnt, a basic framework of ideas and concepts that can be acquired. Work hard to master one step, method or process at a time and eat that whale one bite at a time.


Good luck for your internet business. Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree or perhaps if you make money in a different way.

And if you want a cracking way to get started then you do a lot worse than signing up for this free report that I’m presenting. Take a look.


Speak soon,

Andy Lunt







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When I first started out in internet marketing, affiliate marketing(old style), was at its peak. What we would now call ‘thin’ affiliate sites were everywhere.

All an affiliate had to do to make a decent income, was slap up an exact match domain for some product, or group of products and write a few pages in the form of a review site. Many marketers didn’t even bother with that and took visitors straight to a sales page. Then if you were to buy a few backlinks from the likes of Fiverr and hey presto, in no time at all you could rank on page one of Google giving you free traffic all day long. 

As long as your reviews or sales pages were well presented you would see a constant trickle or maybe a torrent of revenue depending on the offer and keywords you were targeting.

Then along came the Panda, Penguin, EMD updates etc. from your friendly neighbourhood Google. In one cataclysmic shift, hundreds of affiliate sites which had very little substance, disappeared off the radar completely. I should know ’cause some of mine vanished and have never returned. Google was trying to send a message to us marketers loud and clear. Give visitors value. Give them a good visitor experience so that they return to your site again and again. Provide quality stuff so that they ‘share’ or ‘like’ your site.

It’s true that there appears to have been some casualties along the way who didn’t appear to deserve it. However, it also seems to be the case that for highly competitive and generally lucrative keyword based sites, it appears slightly easier to get ranked highly without masses of great content in the very short term. At least that seems to be the evidence of marketers who analyse these things. Over the medium to long term these thin content sites do tend to lose traction and disappear off the radar.

So the message is potentially this….only potentially as second guessing Google isn’t an exact science….. you can build thin content affiliate sites for short term gain. A constant turnover of new sites would seem to be the way to go as their shelf life appears limited. As a business model it certainly has its merits as far as ROI is concerned.

On the other hand creating a quality site and quality content seems a very attractive alternative to me at the moment. As long as your site isn’t fighting one of the really big boys, then an authority status site carries with it the prospect of high rankings in low and medium competition niches pretty much from here on in. It is unlikely that in the foreseeable future that a site that has gained authority and hence high ranking, would suddenly see this ranking lost.

A word of caution though. I really wouldn’t put my eggs in one basket. All well and good following the authority model plan as opposed to the short term multiple and repeated thin site approach, just as long as you don’t create just one massive site that carries with it all your monetization. For me the whole reason for building an authority site would be to flip it(sell it) at some later stage. You can only flip a site if its monetization is rock solid. ie it’s traffic source must be rock solid.

An unexpected adjustment in Google’s alogrithm at any time could see your entire business sent down the tubes. I’d suggest a number of authority sites of lesser magnitude and in different niches together with a few thin sites might be the order of the day.

Anyhow, food for thought.

It would be good if you have experience of authority sites to see you post some thoughts on here so that we all could learn from each others experiences.

In the mean time why don’t you check out Lisa Parmley who has a membership site: Authority Site Model. Alternatively her Inline SEO course which is also excellent for authority sites. Lisa is a master at authority site creation and how to drive traffic and monetizing it. I’ve learned loads from her over the years.

Speak soon,

Andy Lunt


Hi Guys,

Wanted to share something with you today that I hope you’ll find inspirational.

It’s a known fact that the vast majority of people trying to make money online fail miserably. Despite this being common knowledge, would be marketers trying to make their million are everywhere online. For example it seems like every man and his dog is trying affiliate marketing nowadays. As a result the competition is fierce and the net effect is that even fewer success stories are around these days, especially after the latest round of Google updates.

However the real reason why most people fail at internet marketing, or in particular affiliate marketing, is NOT because of the amount of competition. It’s purely a mind-set that the vast majority of people have which sees them programmed to fail or underachieve. It is the same reason why the rich get richer and the poor……. never become rich.

Take a look at this video by Tony Robbins. I recognise in myself the flaws which destined me to fail when I started online marketing some years back. I simply had no self belief, confidence or certainty that I was going to make a success of internet marketing. I wanted to succeed but I didn’t really think I would. This led to the sef-fulfilling prophecy of failure that 99% of marketers experience.

It’s only after watching this video recently that I realised that the recent success I’ve had has been due to a different mind-set that I had adopted more recently. A mind-set that snuck up on me unawares, as I certainly didn’t plan it like this. This whole process actually developed subconsciously as I plotted, planned and strategised in my favourite coffee shop over many many lattes.

Source: Youtube  : Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese talking about Online Success:

Since I am now seeing the fruits of my labor it is just so motivating. In my mind it’s not if I succeed massively in internet marketing it’s when and how quickly.

Hope you enjoy the video and it produces a light bulb moment for you. It certainly resonates with me.

Speak soon,

Andy Lunt


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Hi guys,

I’ve found a real pearler of a video for you to look at today

if you’re struggling with the whole keyword thing.

There’s three videos for you to look at and hopefully after watching them, the old cogs in the head will start turning and perhaps some of you will get an aha moment. 

Video 2 is by a marketer who I follow quite closely in the SEO field and have learnt loads from. There’s certainly an opportunity for some of you to make good money if you make use of this. Hope you enjoy it.

Firstly let’s consider what affiliate marketers often do. In fact this is what I did when I first started out.

I decided to build a product review site for various keyword tools that were available.

Video 1 : Choosing an Exact Match Domain(EMD) for my keyword tool site


So, after literally hours and hours of research using various keyword tools such as Market Samurai, I came up with an EMD that gets around 880 exact matches for the best fit keyword phrase “keyword selector tool”. Thing was though, that I even had to use a hypenated version as all other exact matches were taken!  I proceded to then spend hours and hours building my site and a small fortune backlinking to it.

And for what?

IF I managed to get top spot in the Google rankings(Less likely with a hyphenated exact match domain), I would attract around 50-60% of the searches per month. Namely around 500 visitors per month…..about 16 or 17 hits per day!!!!!!!!!! Well just do the math about conversion rates and you’ll soon figure out that I was never going to retire from my day job (even with a 50%+ affiliate commission) using this keyword phrase.

So I binned the keyword phrase and looked for another? Well this was the best phrase with an available domain match, so I decided to scrap the whole product review site. Errrr no.

Like so many beginners at internet marketing I figured I would cut my teeth on something which might not make money but would be quite easy to rank for.

What?????? Was I mad? What was the point in that?

Answer:  There was no point when there is a much better alternative that can make you good money.  I learnt the hard way. I made some money from the site but I reckon I was getting around $0.20 per hour for my efforts. A total pittance!

Take a peak at

VIDEO 2: Untapped

by a guy called Alex Becker, it’s so cool

 Source: YouTube

Distributed by Alex Becker via Source Wave Videos

So for hardly any research Alex located untapped keywords that were bringing in heaps more traffic. Monetise any of these types of sites and because the usual SEO brigade is not in town there are FAR easier pickings. Cool eh?

So I thought I’d try this research for myself

Take a look at

VIDEO 3 : Researching for Untapped Keywords


Well this was my very first attempt…..honest. A really thought provoking experiment!

Can you see the potential here for an unlimited supply of new domains that have lucrative keywords in them? This is very interesting stuff indeed.

Anyhow, at the very least some food for thought.

Speak soon,




Hi Guys,

Thought I’d share a really cool video today…….

about something that I think is great for any of us stuggling to attract visitors to our sites. I had always considered that the secret of gaining masses of visitors to a site was to top the Google listings and gain loads of organic traffic. Now to a certain extent that remains true. However it has been clear to me for some time that if I wanted to be attracting traffic to my blog at least part of my strategy needed to change.

For a long while I concentrated on trying to top the Google rankings by mastering SEO techniques. You know the routine….keywords, domains containing keywords,  backlinking etc etc.  I’d spend hours mulling over keyword tools thinking I was doing something really productive.

keyword research overload

Picking traffic generating keywords can be so frustrating….if you let it be

My head would be in a spin with a definite paralysis by analysis which led to provarication and no action on occasions.

Whilst to be fair I have had a quite a lot of success attracting traffic with the usual methods, (for another blog), the recent Panda, Penguin and EMD updates has taught me not to rely too heavily on the search engines. You are completely at the mercy of the latest Google algorithms and many of my sites crashed and burnt….especially ‘thin’ sites with little content that were focusing on keywords for local businesses.

Now whilst I still do some SEO in a different guise these days, my focus has definitely switched to a different approach to get the traffic and visitor flow. For example I have done absolutely no backlinking up to now for this blog and have no immediate plans to do so. I may in the future but presently I am focusing on gaining traffic from sources other than keywords, Google and the dreaded backlinking.

By the way for all you complete beginners to internet marketing out there, if you have no idea about SEO, keywords or backlinking,

Unanswered questions as a new internet marketer

What on earth is SEO and keyword research?

it may actually be a blessing in disguise… least for the time being. Don’t worry about that for now and just read on.

So if you just pause for a moment and consider what is it that would make you stay on a site for any length of time?  What would make you return to a site time and time again or……and this is what  I feel is the real secret…..what would make you recommend, like or share a site amongst friends or a community?

Well surely it would be if you found something on a site that was of value to you? The ‘value’ could simply be something that entertained you or made you laugh. I’m always on the web looking to be entertained.  On the other hand I reckon that if a site offered you a solution to a problem, or advice how to tackle something that you were struggling with, then again you would stick around and/or recommend them to others.

Well take a look at this video from a guy called Peter Garety. He’s one of the marketers I’ve been following with interest as he seems to know his stuff about traffic generation.

Source: Youtube video by Peter Garety.

As you can see he cuts through the nonsense about keyword rearch and shows a real simple way to target keywords to become SEO friendly. There’s not a keyword tool in sight lol.

From my perspective it really makes sense to do a lot more something known as content curation as it were to attract traffic to your blog.  Using Peter’s video on this blog is content curation. It is simply the sharing of resources and information.  ‘Content curation’ is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but it’s always been around. Because it was lower profile in the past,  many internet marketers, especially beginners, got hung up on having purely unique content on their blogs and to be honest I’d include myself in that list.

When you watch Peter’s video it makes you realise that the secret to attracting visitors, reducing bounce rates, increasing return visits and getting others to ‘spread’ the word about your site is simply to have great content. And the great content doesn’t have to be totally unique to yourself. It is not essential for you to do a pile of research and the rewrite it all in your own words. Unique content is still important but reconstitution of old ideas repackaged in your own words is not necessarily the best way forward.

For example it may be far better to try and encourage guest bloggers from time to time. This works well once your site is established as you’ll find you get offers of free blog posts from webmasters in return for a backlink or such like. On one of my sites which has gained significant traction in its niche and become somewhat of an ‘authority’ if you like, I frequently get emails from webmasters or organisations who want to give me free info or a unique article as a guest blog in exchange from a link or free advert etc.

You can also use the dreaded PLR  as a basis of some articles which you can edit or adapt, as long as you turn them into your own style which sits comfortably with all your unique content.

As I said before in another post I follow a handful of online marketers who I learn things from. Sharing things that I learn from them on my blog is surely a good way forward. This includes videos they make and articles they write.

If you do this on a regular basis, then your blog or website becomes a focal point or hub if you like, for people in your niche who are looking for information and good content.

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If visitors can find fantastic, quality information from various authority sources all in the same place so they don’t have to have bookmarks all over the place or feeds coming in from a dozen sites then they will return to your site, bookmark your site, set up a feed from your site and above all will ‘like’, ‘share’ and recommend your site to others.

So to get traffic and repeat visitors to your blog simply spend time sharing good stuff. Make sure you only share quality content because there’s a lot of out there that is not very good and in some cases is just plain useless. It makes so much sense, but perhaps until you see such a simple video from someone such as Peter it isn’t obvious to many. I know for a long time it certainly wasn’t obvious to me!

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