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Curating Your Content: What Does Curation Mean Exactly?


So just exactly what is curating content all about?

Large museums have curators. They are people appointed to curate, which is a fancy name for saying that they are paid to organize an exhibition.

Museum Curation

An Exhibition of Interesting Items

So when it comes to websites, curating content is simply the process of organizing information that is available elsewhere on the web and presenting it to your visitors in an easy to follow format.

Content curation can take the form of simple links to another article or blog. The article concerned can be partially reproduced on your site as long as you add your comments about it.

Let me give you an example. If you are interested in say lead generation as a business model then you might want to take a look at this article by Matt Carter.


The Lead Generation Model

 One interesting field of affiliate marketing that I’ve had a lot of success in is the business of lead generation. In this post I’ll explain the pros and the cons of this business model so you can work out if it’s something you want to get into.

Read more about Lead Generation here. Source: Matt Carter’s Internet Marketing Blog


I would also suggest that lead generation can take many forms and the one that I have dabbled with, has been to do with the generation of high ticket leads in the bad credit mortgages field. This is potentially extremely lucrative, especially if you are able to negotiate privately with mortgage brokers for supplying them with leads.


The above shows how you can use another person’s post or article as a basis and discussion point for your own blog or website.


Then of course you could post a related video from Youtube for example. This is what I did on previous posts.

So for example if I wanted to talk in depth about Emails then I might embed this video by Alex Becker

Source: Youtube  ….. Alex Becker and SouceWave Videos

You might realise I like following Alex and SourceWave Videos!  Anyhow I’d then pass comment in some shape or form about the video that Alex has created and give my own views in a relevant context.


So why bother doing this at all. Surely totally unique content would be better?

Well it’s all about the user experience. If visitors to your site are interested in your curation, they will stay around longer and return more often. They’ll often share your blog or website with the resulting influx of new visitors. Vistors are quite happy to see curated content if it’s quality stuff. It saves them having to bookmark dozens of sites or set up lots of RSS feeds.

Just remember…..always provide a link to the source and give full credit to that source. If quoting an article or blog post only include a short section with a link to the rest of the post.

And as mentioned above make sure you only curate quality content. Quantity is NOT a substitute for quality.


Speak soon,

Andy Lunt




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