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Help with WordPress


Do you want the quickest way of getting up and running with a website?  By far the simplest way is to use something called WordPress.

WordPress is simply a content management system. ie a system that helps you manage your website’s content!

If you master WordPress then you’ll be able to put up your own website in no time at all and with a bit of practice you can make them look really good.

I’ve purchased the rights to reproduce some really useful videos telling you all about WordPress and I’ve also added some of my own articles and videos to clarify certain basic issues that as a beginner you might be curious about.

Hope you enjoy them and more importantly, learn something from them.

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Make Sure Your WordPress Site is Secure                                       

How to install WordPress with Fantastico

How to Install WordPress Using Softaculus

How to Change Settings in WordPress

What Are WordPress Themes?

How to Install Plugins with WordPress

Changing Plugin Settings on WordPress: Part 1

Changing Plugin Settings on WordPress: Part 2

Changing Plugin Settings On WordPress : Part 3

Your First WordPress Post

Useful Tips For WordPress Posts

Adding Pages on WordPress


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