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2014 Here We Come


First of all let me say a big hello to anyone who drops by to my site and haven’t seen much in the way of posts recently. I’ve had so many distractions to do with family and one major project I’ve been working on that I’ve been a bit absorbed elsewhere.

Thought it was time to get back to my blog and pass on my thoughts about various things that have been going on this year and what 2014 holds for one and all.

I’d like to start by saying that I hope you had a happy X-Mas and you and your family are in good health. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what we are doing that we forget what is really important to us.

Anyhow….what a learning experience 2013 has been for me in all sorts of ways.

My biggest learning curve has been a really costly one. I spent a good chunk of change and many many hours of labor building an authority site in a pretty lucrative niche. Nearly all my traffic was being generated by a massive long tail of keywords. Everything was fine until one of the major changes on Google.

Panda, Penguin, Emu….whatever. All I know is that my site disappeared completely from all search results in Google for just about all keywords. My traffic fell to a trickle overnight. To say I was stunned would be an understatement.

I’m still working on the site trying to regain its position in Google again but no luck so far. I’m still not certain what caused the slap to be honest. Bad links, duplicate content, OTT SEO…… not that I’m aware of.

One thing I do know however is that it’s taught me a valuable lesson, which I used to preach to other people. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The worst number in the world in internet marketing is ONE. I was relying on ONE major site for my business last year and was relying on only ONE major traffic source, namely Google. Clueless really. One big gamble that backfired on me.

So for 2014 I’m going to diversify more, have more irons in the fire as it were. I’m going to dabble with authority sites yes, but mix things up with membership sites and product creation.

As far as traffic is concerned I will aim for some organic stuff from Google but I’ll be using YouTube and article marketing along with slideshares a whole lot more. I’ll also throw in some press releases along the way and try and get some social traffic too. However the one biggie for me this year is to master paid traffic.

Probably not Google Adwords, maybe media buys, banner ads and the like. there’s a whole new world of untapped traffic out there to be explored.


I intend to post a whole lot more in 2014 so i hope you stick around cos’ I’ve got a lot to share, especially if you are new to online marketing or have been struggling to get traction with your efforts.

Hope you have a fabulous New Year and prosper with your business over the next twelve months.

Speak soon,


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