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6 Tips for Beginners Who Want to Succeed at Internet Marketing



1) Realise it’s not Easy

Yaboo and Sucks to all those marketers out there who are selling all the picks and shovels to the likes of me and you with wild claims of how easy it all is to make a fortune online.

As with the real gold rush of the Wild West, the vast majority of people making a good living at internet marketing are those who actually sell tools and advice. Nothing new there then!

It’s a well-known fact that around 50% of all new businesses fail in the first year or so and between 90-95% fail within 5 years …..But did you know that 99% of the money made from internet marketing is made by 1% of the marketers?

That is a startling fact if you stop and think about it and quite a sobering thought for those mere mortals amongst us who have considered dipping their toes into online marketing.

The truth is that it is extremely difficult to make decent money and even harder to make life changing amounts. But hey, anything in life worth having isn’t easy is it?


2) Understand that it Takes a Lot of Work

If you are starting from scratch with little or no background in either the marketing side or the technical side of things, then you really need to be prepared to role your sleeves up and graft.

There really is no such thing as a free lunch in this game despite what you are constantly told by the so called Gurus.

Indeed even when you actually know what you are doing you have to put in the time. Sitting on a tropical beach somewhere, sipping cocktails as you press a few laptop buttons to see the money role in is, I’m afraid, pure fantasy.

If you’re lured by the notion of easy money then go and try the lottery, because you’ve got more chance of striking gold.


3) Get Technical Help

If you do not have the knowledge base to build your own websites, sort out domains and hosting, put up videos, squeeze pages, landing pages, sort out your auto-responders etc. from day one, then forget trying to learn it all….at least at first.

It’s hard enough to market well and get people to buy from you, without having to become a king-size technical geek as well!

I remember only too well as a newcomer, trying to get to grips with html, cascading style sheets, JavaScript and the like and it sure wasn’t funny.  It was TOO HARD! Even simple user friendly platforms like WordPress seemed a mystery at the time.

My advice to you would be to invest in finding someone who can offer technical support and who takes care of all that for you.  Sure it will cost but if you are serious about succeeding then an investment is definitely worth it.

As you are involved in the running of your business you will pick up lots of the technical aspects along the way and eventually you’ll be able to do most things yourself. To begin with though, employ someone to ‘make things happen’ as it were. It’s a must in my opinion.


4) Find a Good Marketing Mentor

Finding someone that you can learn the ropes of marketing and making money online from, is probably THE most important thing you can do.

When I first started out I signed up to every newsletter and marketing list that I could find. I also bought loads of eBooks, video courses and attended seminars. I joined various marketing forums and devoured everything I could find on the topic of internet marketing.

I spent a small fortune and most of my investment was spent on absolute dross. Well a bit harsh perhaps, but let’s say the techniques taught didn’t always work and many were incomplete. The incomplete thing is a common thread with “how to make money online” products.

Often it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing.

After a while I began to figure out what was useful and what wasn’t. I also began to get to know the marketers who provided great information and often “over delivered” as it were. This is what you should do.

Try and find marketers to follow. Unsubscribe from 90% of the lists and just watch out from emails from your chosen few. The sooner you can figure out who you can learn useful stuff from and those to bin, the quicker you’ll start making money.

I’d also suggest that finding one person who would act as your personal mentor is the best option…provided they have a proven track record. Working with the right person could not only show you how a successful online business runs, but how you can do it for yourself and in a relatively short time span.

Consider investing financially in this process if you need to. Get the right person and it could be a game changer for you. I follow three or four marketers closely myself in different areas of marketing. I also have my own personal mentor who I work closely with.

It’s funny how as soon as I started working with my mentor things just “started to happen”.

You can find out more about my personal mentor here on my blog.

5) Become a Master at One Technique at a Time

Self-explanatory really. Most marketing beginners are bombarded by offers of methods, techniques, courses, software etc. etc. on a daily basis.

Cutting through the ‘noise’ and cherry picking the useful courses is hard enough in itself. Deciding how you are going to monetize your online activities is another problem altogether.

There is a multitude of ways that you can make a good living online. Any one of which is perfectly doable for someone starting out in online marketing.

My advice is to choose one method and stick with it until you succeed. So if you are learning how to drive traffic to your website, then you might want to master free traffic sources and become an expert in SEO and back-linking.

On the other hand you might want to concentrate on paid traffic sources. There are lots of paid traffic options other than the obvious one of Google Adwords. Most are a lot cheaper than Adwords and allow you to target your potential customer demographics very easily.

The big mistake that most marketers make, I’d include myself in this list when I was starting out, is to dabble with all methods. The danger is that you tend to learn a little about everything without knowing any one technique inside out.

It’s only when you really know what you are doing that you see genuine success. As a result many beginners to internet marketing give up too soon. They have spent an awful lot of time and sometimes money,  getting to grips with lots of methods instead of mastering just the one.

They become understandably disillusioned and pack it in before seeing any rewards for their efforts.


6) Realise it IS Easy After All

To succeed at internet marketing is really difficult…….until you know what to do.

It’s a bit like looking at a higher mathematics exam paper having never been taught any algebra. You might be the brightest person in the world but if you haven’t been taught what’s on the paper, you won’t know what to do.

So get yourself tech help, get yourself a proven mentor, master specific techniques thoroughly before trying new ones and be prepared to work smart as well as hard.

If, and it’s a big if, you follow those basic ideas then succeeding at internet marketing isn’t hard. On the contrary it’s very EASY. Shame most people don’t follow this mantra and as such the rewards for them remain unattainable.

So what are you currently doing to try and succeed? Perhaps you should consider following these 6 basic steps.

Hope some of this helps clarify your thinking,

Speak soon,

Andy Lunt

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