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Why 1% of Internet Marketers make 99% of the Money Online


Hi Guys,

Wanted to share something with you today that I hope you’ll find inspirational.

It’s a known fact that the vast majority of people trying to make money online fail miserably. Despite this being common knowledge, would be marketers trying to make their million are everywhere online. For example it seems like every man and his dog is trying affiliate marketing nowadays. As a result the competition is fierce and the net effect is that even fewer success stories are around these days, especially after the latest round of Google updates.

However the real reason why most people fail at internet marketing, or in particular affiliate marketing, is NOT because of the amount of competition. It’s purely a mind-set that the vast majority of people have which sees them programmed to fail or underachieve. It is the same reason why the rich get richer and the poor……. never become rich.

Take a look at this video by Tony Robbins. I recognise in myself the flaws which destined me to fail when I started online marketing some years back. I simply had no self belief, confidence or certainty that I was going to make a success of internet marketing. I wanted to succeed but I didn’t really think I would. This led to the sef-fulfilling prophecy of failure that 99% of marketers experience.

It’s only after watching this video recently that I realised that the recent success I’ve had has been due to a different mind-set that I had adopted more recently. A mind-set that snuck up on me unawares, as I certainly didn’t plan it like this. This whole process actually developed subconsciously as I plotted, planned and strategised in my favourite coffee shop over many many lattes.

Source: Youtube  : Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese talking about Online Success:

Since I am now seeing the fruits of my labor it is just so motivating. In my mind it’s not if I succeed massively in internet marketing it’s when and how quickly.

Hope you enjoy the video and it produces a light bulb moment for you. It certainly resonates with me.

Speak soon,

Andy Lunt


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